Kaye College - Dedicated to Education

Kaye College - Dedicated to Education

Kaye Academic College of Education is a leading institution of higher education in Southern Israel for teacher education and the professional development of educators, kindergarten, elementary and high school teachers. Courses at the college address the entire spectrum of the teacher's career, from the training stage to specialization and study on both an individual and organizational level. The college is a vital center of learning, research and pedagogical innovation.

We believe that education is a social mission and that teachers are educators who can deal with central societal issues and lead trends toward limiting social gaps and advancing tolerance in a democratic, multicultural community.

Kaye College strives to impart its students with progressive, broad academic knowledge, practical experience, tools and skills to integrate into the dynamic educational system in Israel in the best possible way.

There are three schools at the college: the School for Teacher Education, offering a B.Ed. and teaching certificate, the School of Advanced Studies, offering a M.Ed., and the School of Professional Development for teachers in the Southern region. At the college are also students in the pre-academic preparatory program.

Approximately 5,000 students study at the college every year in the various frameworks. The college serves two sectors of the population of the South and the Negev: the Jewish and the Bedouin sectors. Studies take place in both Hebrew and Arabic.


 Landmark Events:

In 1954, Kaye College started out as the Seminar for Village Teachers
In 1960, the college became known as the State Study Center for Teachers and Kindergarten Teachers
In 1982, the Study Center for Teachers united with the Study Center for Physical Education and changed its name to Kaye Academic College
In 1994, the college was recognized by the Council for Higher Education as an academic institution

 Vision and Realization 
 Making Higher Education Accessible to Residents of the Negev and the South
Kaye College is located at the country's geographic and social periphery. The college provides students from the Negev and Southern regions, most of whom are the first generation in their family to pursue higher education, the opportunity to earn an academic degree, learn a profession and integrate into the workforce as teachers in Israel.

Kaye College believes that education is the central way of changing the face of Israeli society in general, and specifically of the Negev. The college emphasizes the moral, social and educational obligation of the students and teachers to working toward a better future for residents living at the country's periphery.

Living Together in the Negev
The rich mix of cultures that exists at Kaye College reflects the ethnic complexity of the Negev. Jewish and Bedouin students, men and women, coming from diverse cultural, religious and gender backgrounds, all learn and teach at the college. The college promotes ongoing dialogue between the Jewish and Bedouin students and sees this as part of its national mission. The students learn about the lifestyle and culture of the other group while strengthening the mutual understanding between members of the different communities and promoting tolerance and coexistence.

Academic Excellence
Education is at the foundation of the State of Israel's existence. Good teacher education ensures high-quality teachers who will influence society. Therefore, academic excellence in teacher training is part of the national task that Kaye College has undertaken. Studies at the college are demanding, and the college provides a variety of supportive frameworks to ensure that every student will learn and succeed. The faculty members are involved in research on topics related to education and are developing innovative and progressive teaching pedagogies that put the student in the center. The various courses utilize diverse study tools and teaching methods, such as: project based learning, space based learning, listening pedagogies and pedagogies in which the students are active and direct their own studies.

Community Involvement
Kaye College is characterized by its extensive involvement in the community in socially and educationally related areas. The college actively participates in projects in the Negev settlements, and also initiates and develops a large number of programs that directly influence education in the Southern region. We seek to build a community of educational leaders, innovative thinkers and outspoken individuals, who leave their mark with their breakthrough work. In addition, Kaye College students are active in various organizations outside of the college framework as part of their commitment to the community.

At the college, there is a foundation for advancing education, culture and sports, which holds a wide variety of non-academic activities for children, adults and senior citizens.
Achievements and Prizes:

Exceptional Contribution to Advancing Multiculturalism and Coexistence
– Kaye College has won this special prize from UNESCO twice for its exceptional contribution to advancing multiculturalism and coexistence.

Pedagogical Innovation that Uniquely Contributes to Teacher Training
– Kaye College won this Minister of Education's Achievement Award for its unique contribution to teacher training and for pedagogical innovation in the Shachaf Program, which professionally retrains academics for educational professions.

Excellence in the Field of Education
– Kaye College won the Be'er Sheva Municipality Prize for excellence in the field of education.